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The lineup for NYC POPFEST 2014 has been announced and it’s A DOOZY!!! Too many amazing bands to even mention, but let’s mention a few: ROCKETSHIP! DRESSY BESSY! HAYWAINS! SPEARMINT! BESTIES?!?!?! AND PAM & BART DOING CAT’S MIAOW/SHAPIROS SONGS??? The end of May can’t come soon enough!

I’m beyond excited to have had the opportunity to design the logo and poster for the fest again this year—I think 2014 might be the best yet!

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Rocketship! The Shapiros! The Hidden Cameras! 

Is the Shapiros just Nick Shapiro that would make me so happy

I had an awesome time when I played NYC Popfest 2012! If you can make it to NY, go! 👍👍👍

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    Check out this line up for NYC Popfest! Colour Me Wednesday are playing on the Sunday evening!
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    I had an awesome time when I played NYC Popfest 2012! If you can make it to NY, go! 👍👍👍
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    Such an amazing lineup, perhaps the best one yet! My Favorite, Rocketship, The Flatmates, The Cat’s Miaow and SOOOO many...
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    Who’s going this year?
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    Double wooooo!!!
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